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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Rihanna Warp Drives into "Star Trek Beyond" with "Sledgehammer" - Music Video Debuts in IMAX Theatres 6 July!

Red Dot Diva digs some of mega pop star Rihanna's tunes from time to time, but when she heard her latest song "Sledgehammer" featured in the new "Star Trek Beyond" trailer, Diva thought it was such a perfect fit! Her sultry vocals in the haunting melody provided the other-worldly, uplifting feel that the Trek franchise is known for.

Don't believe it? Check out the trailer here:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Eric Clapton Live in Singapore 2014 - He Came, He Played, He Said Thank You

The last time legendary musician Eric Clapton was in Red Dot Island, it was in 2011.

Red Dot Diva had to miss his concert then because it wasn't a good year for her. Coincidentally, so were his first two times performing here (1990 and 2007).

When it was announced that Mr Slow Hand himself was coming back to the island on March 4, 2014 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Red Dot Diva jumped at the chance to score herself a SGD 298 ticket to watch him live. (Thanks to a better current financial position and pal Ryan for helping to book those tickets!) After all, Clapton is getting on in years, and she wasn't sure if she will get a chance to experience his guitar magic live ever again.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Noise Singapore 2014 Is Calling For Submissions!

Red Dot Diva first noticed something called Noise Singapore back in 2012, when she stumbled upon an artistic showcase held at a space in ION's Basement level during her lunch hour.

The next year, the exhibition returned to ION Basement. This time, it had expanded to include a section on photography. She also noticed, that the level of art drawings were even better and visually memorable, like those manga-steampunk-mecha ones by NAFA graduate Gilang Andrian, and the cute very tongue-in-cheek ones, like the Milo Dinosaur by PuffingMuffin or the whimsically illustrated Enimalphabets by Aderyl Tan.

The free postcards promoting Noise Singapore 2013 were prettier than the previous year's too. It was too bad that Red Dot Diva missed out on the t-shirt giveaways but hey, maybe she will have a chance this year! (Dear Noise Singapore, will there be free t-shirts again?)

Because Noise Singapore is set to be back in 2014, creating more noise and more exposure for young artists. In fact, the initiative which is set up by the National Arts Council, is now calling for submissions.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hands All Over Maroon 5 - Live in Singapore 2011

Well, Red Dot Diva *wishes* she had pervy hands all over Maroon 5 on April 25th when they were performing live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Alas, she was seated 11 rows away at PB10. Which wasn't too bad actually. She had reasonably good "landscape" view of the entire stage and luckily enough, there weren't many tall people standing in front of her.

The last time Maroon 5 was here was at the very same venue in 2008. Back then, Red Dot Diva was disappointed by their lack-lustre and brief 60-minute set. After all the anticipation built up for their first visit to the Red Dot Island, fans couldn't help but leave the stadium feeling short-changed.

Red Dot Diva remembers that the band was late coming on stage and then, played their songs straight-up with little frills that night in 2008. Despite lead singer Adam Levine, looking cool and very confident on stage, they had failed to connect with the crowd very much.

They must have learnt something important from that tour.

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